Some Logical Problems Concerning Existence

J. L. Shaw

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Area: Philosophy of Language




Chapter 1: Formal Definitions of Existence
I. Explanation of Certain Terms
II. Discussion Concerning the Proposition “Everything Exists”
III. Definitions of Existence
IV. Lesniewski’s Definition of Existence
V. Steps Towards a Multi-Definition of Existence

Chapter 2: Analysis of the Concept of Existence
I. Russell’s Analysis of the Concept of Existence
II. Analysis of Different Uses of Existence

Chapter 3: Description and Existence
I. Criteria for Rejecting a Theory of Description
II. Different Theories of Description
III. Steps Towards a Multi-Theory of Description

Chapter 4: Subject and Predicate
I. Grammatical Criterion
II. Category Criterion
III. Mediating Criterion
IV. Pragmatic Criterion

Chapter 5: Whether Existence is a Predicate
I. Arguments Against Existence Being a Predicate
II. Arguments for Existence being a Predicate
III. Non-Predicative Views of Existence
IV. Steps Towards a Multi-Theory of Existence


Some Logical Problems Concerning Existence is not only a treatise on philosophical logic or philosophy of language but also contains explanations of concepts which are necessary for understanding other branches of philosophy, especially metaphysics or ontology. It deals with the nature of existential propositions, theories of definite descriptions, and definitions of existence. It also discusses the question of whether existence is a predicate.

The book examines the views of leading philosophers, such as Frege, Russell, Quine and Strawson, and evaluates their achievements and shortcomings. The views of free logicians, such as Leonard and Lambert, have also been discussed and compared with those of classical logicians. It also provides a guide and framework for further research in the area of philosophy of language and logic.

This book will be very useful to students of Western philosophy as well as to professionals in this field for understanding some of the concepts of logic, philosophy of language and metaphysics.