World Politics: Rationalism & Beyond

Ralph Pettman

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Area: Philosophy of Language




Part I: World Affairs in Perspective
Introduction to Part I
1. The Politico-Cultural Context
2. The Politico-Social Dimension
3. The Politico-Economic Dimension
4. The Politico-Strategic Dimension

Part II: World Affairs Approached
Introduction to Part II
5. The Modernist Project
6. Individualism, Nationalism, Collectivism
7. Liberalism, Mercantilism, Market Universalism and Marxism
8. Realism, Internationalism, Globalism

Part III: Taking Part in World Affairs
Introduction to Part III
9. Mind-Making
10. Self-Making
11. Market-Making
12. State-Making

13. Conclusion

This book provides an overview of the entire discipline of world affairs in a way that makes immediate sense. It is also a critique of the limits that rationalism sets on how we know world affairs, showing how we might transcend these limits by augmenting rationalist research with non-rationalist techniques. It should appeal to anyone interested in why analysts so often seem to explain world affairs inaccurately and misunderstand what these affairs mean.