Moral Claims in World Affairs

Edited by Ralph Pettman

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Area: International Relations



Part One: Theory
Moral Claims in World Politics by Ralph Pettman
Morality, Interests and Rationalisation by J.D.B.Miller
Western Concepts of a Universal Moral Order by R.J. Vincent
Human Rights and World Politics by Hedley Bull
Justice: National, International or Global? by W.H. Smith
Injustice and Evil in the Politics of the Powers by A.L. Burns

Part Two: Praxis
Race, Conflict and Liberation in Africa by Jan Pettman
Moral Precepts in Chinese Foreign Policy: The Concept of Independence by Michael B. Yahuda
Moral Precepts of Contemporary Soviet Politics by Vendulka Kubálková


This collection of essays explores in general terms the nature of the moral claims common in global politics and the phenomenon of partisan cosmopolitanism in particular. Detailed discussions are presented of the attempts to rescue a single body of human ideals from the multitude of systems that presently prevail, of the group, rather than universal basis of human morality, of the perennial tension between ‘realism’ and ‘idealism’, of human rights, justice and evil in the politics of the Powers.