The Autonomy of Reason: A Commentary on Kantís Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals

Robert Paul Wolff

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Area: Political Philosophy


A Note about References and Editions
Chapter One: Passage from Ordinary Rational Knowledge of Morality to Philosophical
Chapter Two: Passage from Popular Moral Philosophy to a Metaphysic of Morals
Chapter Three: Passage from a Metaphysic of Morals to a Critique of Pure Practical Reason
Conclusion: Some Speculations on the Groundwork of Morals and Politics

The Autonomy of Reason reflects Wolff’s determination to get out of Kant’s system what is good and to get out of Kant’s system for good. Readers will certainly benefit from Wolff’s two decades of intense study of Kant. Wolff does not see his task as one of either historical exegesis or philosophical criticism. In the place of both Wolff proposes a “philosophical reconstruction” of the text.