From Left Communism to Post-Modernism: Reconsidering Emancipatory Discourse

Chamsy el-Ojeili

Editions Available: Hardcover

Area: Critical Theory


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Post-modern Condition and the Retreat of the Socialist Project
Chapter 3: What is to be done? Intellectual, Party, Theory
Chapter 4: Left Communism and the Crisis of Socialist Values
Chapter 5: Really Existing Socialism, and the World Without Wages
Chapter 6: The State, Revolution, and Socialist Democracy
Chapter 7: The Turn to Culture, and Utopia at the End of History

From Left Communism to Post-modernism addresses issues of the shape and future of the socialist movement and the politics of post-modernism. The author identifies a tradition of socialist thought--left communism--that is separate from socialist orthodoxy, seeking to stage a conversation between this marginalized tradition and post-modernism. This engagement spans a range of fields of theoretical inquiry, including the role of intellectuals, culture and utopia, the state and nationalism, the interpretation of "really existing socialism", and questions of socialist values. Such a conversation, the author suggests, promises an alternative Left that combines those still-resonant democratic socialist values with a modest post-modern sensibility.