Roman Social History: A Sourcebook

Edited by Tim Parkin & Arthur Pomeroy

Editions Available: Softcover

Area: Classics


1) Social Classes
2) Demography
3) Family and household
4) Education
5) Slavery
6) Poverty
7) The economy
8) The legal system and courts
9) Leisure and games

This book contains the sources that a student in Roman social history will need in a single handy volume.

Tim G. Parkin and Arthur J. Pomeroy have assembled a wide range of ancient texts in their own translations, ranging from the essential to the little-known and previously unavailable, focusing on the late republic and the first two centuries AD. Arranged thematically, all sources are quick and easy to find, are preceded by a readable introduction, and are accompanied by notes that guide and advise the student. The authors also provide summaries of previous scholarship in the field with bibliographies that will open the reader to further resources.

Rather than concetrating on the elite, a tiny fraction of Roman society, Parkin and Pomeroy also include material on the Roman peasantry, workers, and slaves, and view it all through a modern sociological lens; it explains Roman society in terms of its power structures. Their notes incorporate demography and criminology among many other contemporary disciplines to build a complete picture of the "sociology of ancient Rome".

With maps, chronologies, and useful references on measures and currency, this book is the complete introductory resource for students of Roman social history, and presents with clarity and vividness a rich and diverse society.