Occupy Movement Symposium

Speakers: Alex Diceanu (Political Science/Labour Studies)
Diane Enns (Philosophy)
Susie O'Brien (English & Cultural Studies)
Vera Chouinard (Geography & Earth Sciences)
Date: 20th March 2012 1:30pm
Venue: Kenneth Taylor Hall B104


Solidarity Networks and Direct Action: How Occupy Groups Can Root Themselves in Local Communities and Move from Protesting to Fighting the 1%
Alex Diceanu

Grievance and Responsibility: The Limits of the Occupy Movement
Diane Enns

'I Refuse to Join the Cult of Efficiency': Occupying Time in the Spaces of Capitalism
Susie O’Brien

Re-Imagining the Occupy Movement:  Exploring Media Representations
Vera Chouinard
The Occupy Movement protests of 2011 drew diverse people together in opposition to what protestors saw as an inequitable, corrupt and destructive global social order.   Yet controversy persists regarding the movement’s goals, key messages and future.  In this presentation, I begin to explore media representations of the Occupy protests and movement.  Drawing on media photographs and editorial cartoons, I argue that Occupy has been re-imagined in contradictory ways that in some ways affirm and in other ways deny its potential as a force for social change.  This reflects Occupy’s symbolic role as a ‘lightening rod’ for expressions of discontent across the political spectrum.


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