Urban Space, Neoliberal Violence and Popular Commemorative Performance: The Struggle for Peace in Jamaican Communities

Speakers: Honor Ford-Smith (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University)
Mirna Carranza (School of Social Work, McMaster University)
Carla Moore (Department of Gender Studies, Queen's University)

Date: 6th February 2014, 3:30pm
Venue: Kenneth Taylor Hall (KTH) B105


Commemorative acts and performances of mourning have proliferated in Jamaica where one of the consequences of the geopolitics of neoliberalism has been a dramatic rise in violent deaths in urban spaces.  Caught between extra-judicial killings by police and militarized groups of strongmen, community members reclaim the dignity of their death in popular acts of commemoration.  This paper discusses the work done by these public acts of memory and draws out some of the ways in which these performances are shaped by the broader imperial agenda at the same time as they change the terms of discussions about alternatives.